Another tedious update

Hey guys,

so I wanted to quickly share with you where we are at the moment in terms of Dev and release.

Dev-wise, we're pretty much done; debugging led us to a lot of cool and unique refinements that I'm happy to confirm play out nicely in the grand scheme of things.

Release-wise, we're very nearly there. I still refuse to give a date; as I keep seeming to fail my own targets lately (something an aspiring Project Manager needs to learn from...)

As you're aware, I've had some pretty tough times lately, and with the adversities that I encountered came opportunities. Having seized the day, I'm pleased to confirm that as of Mid-May, I'll have gained new employment. This is cracking news for me, as it means I'll be able to shoot off in my career (no, not a game developer unfortunately), but it's bad news for the community, as yes ladies and gents, I will be taking a much more distant advisory backseat to the mod and finally handing the keys over.

Before then however, I fully intend on getting this 2 year labour of intense pain out into the public.

As I type now, I remember that I've got some variables to tweak before I get the latest .esp over to the Spyduck for him to refine Space Combat.

More news coming over the weekend.