Last night, I miffed around with the console activators meshes. In the end, there's plenty of good source material available from the Vanilla Game which I could subtract in 3DS Max, so I ended up adapting pieces for my own devious ends.

Have to thank Cambragol for that idea.

My first concern at current is the console itself. The control interface is incredibly heavy duty, yet for some unknown reason, entire panels still seem sparse.

I'm probably clumping the activators too close together. It's all aesthetics, I'll work it out.

On a more worrying note, I took it for a spin last night.

My first concern is 'Flight Mode'. The obligatory 30 seconds passed and the debug randomiser never came up onscreen. More to my concern, no random encounter came up.

I'm going to have to pick apart the code this evening and work out what I might have changed that's made it incompatible.

I've got various thing's I also need to address further before being confident enough with releasing a public version.

Thing's I'm not happy with:

  • The Console. It looks great, but the animation's still a long way off and the sparsity of controls if daunting.
  • Various scripting bugs; I need to work on the Flight Mode and add at least one more random encounter to it. I also need to stop the randomiser timer for constantly rolling around. *Thinking about it, I may have disabled this so as to not cause rolling issues.
  • Sounds. Petty I know, but the sound base isn't wide enough. I need to sample some effects from the show for that added realism (note: samples related to controls. Everything else is hunky dory).
  • The Sonic Screwdriver. The model needs tweaking slightly.
What can i say? I'm a perfectionist.

I've also had a smashing idea for an expansion to the mod, but I really don't know whether it's something I want to expand on, as I've got plenty of other projects non-Who related I want to kickstart once this has been released.

We shall see. I'll update with media over the next couple of days, including most probably, a demo video of Flight.

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