Mystery Solved...

True Matt Smith Forehead slap moment here...

After spending more than a good few days debugging and going over and over multiple lines of script, I found the culprit, although I can't for the life of me fathom HOW it came to be...

if TARDISrandomiser <= 5
XtdoorUNIT.enable ;UNIT
ShowMessage aaacoords1
if TARDISrandomiser <= 10
agcTARDISintDoorCanterburyREF.enable ;Cantebury
ShowMessage aaacoords2
Notice the top IF statement? Notice the following one? That should be an ELSEIF along with the 90 other following elseif's....

Honestly... what a dolt. Well, with the TARDIS power restored, I can begin working on the following:

- Models & Animations
- Sounds & Textures
- A tiny bit of mapping

and dare I say it she's ready for a release.

Models wise, I'm going to have to knock up a quick bit of concept art to base a few of my ideas on, but at the moment, we're looking at getting the following sorted:

- The Console (Reworked and Textured)
- Console Switches (An assortment of Models to be used on activators in GECK, along with the infamous TARDIS extrapolator)
- Coral Buttresses (Reworked and Retextured along with Coral Buttress arches for the corridors)
- The Console Room wall kit (Retexturing and a bit of touching up around the doorframes)
- The Sonic Screwdriver (Reworked and Textured with possibly a bit of animation)

My proficiency lies with 3DS Max, but it appears that Blender is a more optimal choice when it comes to modelling for the format. What we're essentially looking at here is me trying to get some mad dash self-lessons in on the software before proceeding.

I'll update accordingly again. I'm possibly tempted to put up a video of the Flight Proceedure. We'll see.


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