Scripting - Complete!

The scripting is now pretty much completed. With the Quest and sub-quest finished way back, and pretty much 99% of the TARDIS functionality finished, the only tiny things I have to do are bug finding and debug removing (debug's are the message windows and variables I've thrown ingame as activators to allow me as a developer to keep an eye on my scripts whilst they run).

Seen as the mod is very close to completion (dare I say it), I've figured I may aswell post up a whole new menagerie of treats for it's followers, and thus, below you can find brand new screenshots from the ship.

Please bare in mind that these images are not of the final version by any long shot, but they're all blocked out in the vain that the nicely polished and reworked models will improve over-all aestheticism and quality. (Top - Bottom: The Wardrobe, The Swimming Pool, Upgrades Interface, Emergency Power Mode Interface, Ship's Stats)

My main concern with the above images is that I'm trying to find a way to alter the appearance of the Terminals within the TARDIS. I know the model they utilise, but replacing that model will be difficult, as all terminals menu-mode screenfaces are core coded and thus slightly difficult to fiddle with.

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