Such is life...

And the way things roll,

I've been having a particularly hell-ish week at work this week.

For any of you that don't know, I work for the telecomms company Vodafone, supporting customers with all manners of technical queries from Mobile Devices, to Smartphones, Operating Systems and Modems etc.

Unfortunately, the company decided to force our department into a corner and give us redundancy this afternoon.

Now coupled with my supposed birthday celebrations this weekend (yes, I'm aging rapidly and constantly getting made redundant from positions - such is the economy) and job-hunting, it's going to be a slow burner with the mod.

I'm keeping it alive by doing the odd bit here and there every week, but right now I have to prioritise everything else of great importance in my life.

I'll update accordingly, but appreciate the patience.



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TimeLord75 said...

Condolences, man. Writing from the US, and I'm sad to hear things are s**tty all around. I have a friend w/years of experience as a radiographer who's now working @ Wal-Mart. :( Best of luck, though--hope things come together for you soon.

(and in case you're wondering, I discovered your blog via the Bethesda FO3 forums :p Nice lookin' mod you've got there, way to go!)