Vortex Flight & Events

Events are the gizmo name I've adopted to occurences which happen when the TARDIS is casually navigating the Time Vortex.

The Time Vortex being an endless and mysterious creation of the Time Lords, is full of many strange anomalies and threats.

It also has it's bonuses.

Bare in mind the video below is a very rough demo version, and for lack of voice at current, I've had to annotate to describe what you're seeing.

The final version extends the time between 'Events' to around 90 - 180 seconds, undecided at the moment (Currently set at a debug of 5 seconds).

As you can see from the constant 'Systems checks' I do in-game on the Scanner, the TARDIS shields are depleted every time a negative event occurs.

In this video, there's at least 4 strikes of Vortex Flotsom, each time draining 5% of the ships shields, before one big Time Spiral pretty much destroys the craft.

There are recovery procedures for escaping the Time Spiral, but I won't go into those, the accompanying manual highlights the escape procedure ;)

Anyway, enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion to the Demo walkthrough which'll be coming very soon.


TimeLord75 said...

Woo! I'm at work, so I can't even see the video...but based on what you're saying here, I'm already lovin' it! I particularly like that you've got Random Badness to deal with while operating the TARDIS; this makes this /so/ much more than other TARDIS-related mods I've seen (namely, just a mobile house). At least the manual tells you what to do!

Here's a question, though: If you're on a trip and things start going particularly sideways, can you make an emergency landing? That is, if you're suspecting the shields won't last long enough to make your intended destination, can you just say "screw it" and materialize...wherever? (I imagine not, thought I'd ask anyway)

Looking forward to watching the vid when I get home. Top notch work, man! :D

Chris said...

Certainly can, however this is a very tricky procedure and is based on your players Luck skill heavily.
You can either push the Emergency Landing button, and take a chance of either splitting the TARDIS in two, or landing successfully enough to power the ship down and putting her into Emergency Power mode.