Good News Everybody...

Flight Mode has returned, and it's all down to Cipscis over at the Bethsoft forums for helping me out. The fellow is a genius, and has saved my bacon on more times than I care to remember with this mod, so upon release, I'll be raising a champers flute to himself...

Yes, Flight Mode has returned, and it's better than ever.

Taken straight from the pages of the TARDIS Type 40 Manual, Flight Mode reads...

Pilot Skill
Anyone can pilot a Type 40 TT Capsule from point A to point B, but only the most experienced Pilots can have total control over a TARDIS.
Navigating Space and Time is the essential way to build up your Piloting Skill of the ancient Gallifreyan craft.
For every second you successfully fly the TARDIS, you gain 1 point of experience towards your Piloting Skill. Every level takes longer to climb, but with each up skill you receive a character XP reward, along with a few treats here and there.
Flying the TARDIS through the vortex isn’t easy though; there are many dangers to face in this mystic portal, from ravaging time winds to careening flotsam.

So there you have it.

Also, the Datastore's have all been fixed and are up and running, which now means cowabunga, you can properly save locations to the TARDIS Astronav Databank and skip between Tenpenny Tower and Rivet City and still have time for tea!

Dare I say it, but the notion that the mod's release is literally within sight makes me want to cry sheer happiness.

Video Demo update this afternoon.


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