Relativity... in a matter of speaking

20 Days and counting... I'm checking things from the to-do listing every day and it's all coming together.

I'm quite enjoying writing the lengthy TARDIS Manual at the moment.

It's chock-full of TARDIS facts from all aspects of Who (you can argue the canonicity between yourselves), and isn't a bad read (if I may say so myself), however if you're not the bookworm type, you can simply just to the reference at the back of the .pdf to find out shortcuts and such.

I also managed to remodel and rexture 10's Screwdriver this afternoon, which isn't too bad.

Anyway, 20 days and counting :)

Keep your eyes peeled over the next fortnight for a teaser trailer and a couple of snippets.

There may also be one more competition in between now and then, so again, keep on following followers :)


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