Release Date: Sunday 8 August 2010

Sunday the 8th of August - 2010, come satisfaction or not, the mod's being released.

I've invested too much time and it's been a fun little project, but I've got other avenues I want to explore, and I feel it's about time.

With a checklist I'm gradually ticking off as I work my way through everything, I feel satisifed enough to say this deadline will be definite.

As things grow progressively and wearily to a close with the mod, it may go a little quiet on the Western front.

Keep your eyes peeled for the odd treat over the next few weeks though.



Stevie said...

yay carnt wait should be brill
well done!

"The Trilogy Ninja" aka AJ said...

Your releasing this....on my birthday...Dude i dont even know you and this is one of the best pressies someone could give. THANKYOU!

TimeLord75 said...

Really looking forward to this...but the countdown at the top of the page says more like August of 2011...?