Thanks and Appraisals

Hi all,

I want to begin by expressively demonstrating my heartfelt thanks during last nights chaotic release.
As you all know, the mod has been my baby since Feb 2009, and I've been through some challenging times on the path of learning with the GECK, scripting and general modelling and texturing.
In some ways, this project has reignited my passion for Game Design.

I want to specifically name and shame now though;

Cambragol - without your logo the mod wouldn't look half as professional, so thanks and credit to yourself.
The guys over at the Nexus (Riker148, Kruddpm, Cwang92, Plopk45 and Picard127 to name but a few) - Thanks to all. Your solo efforts to keep in touch and upto date have helped me drive this Project onward and upward.
The chaps over at the Bethsoft Forums (MissSparkles, WillieSea, GunMaster95 et al) - thankyou so much for your assistance and support. Your help with my queries is what's driven me to really understand programming like I never truly could grasp at University, so thanks in abundance.
Ghogiel - You're a master and a blaster, and you saved my bacon. Guys, the collision and the clarity of the Time Rotor are down to this utter genius. His expertise with Fallout 3 modding goes beyond none and he truly is a gent for helping me in my desperate need last week.

Additional comment to Matt of DragonSireMods, a good online buddy of mine who's been very supportive and helpful despite not even owning a copy of Fallout 3 (you heathen!).

And last but not least, to the 300 other people who've so far downloaded The Last Child of Gallifrey.

Your words of appraisal and polite critique with bug reporting have been superb. You've actually possessed me to get off my relaxing butt this afternoon and get those tiny glitches fixed so you can all truly enjoy the mod as she's meant to be enjoyed!

I'll be popping up a Bug Report shortly along with further documentation (a few people are getting confused with aspects of the quest).

Thankyou all so very much and here's to a bright and prosperous future for me and my modding days!

Kris aka Demeggy

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