Fallout Who: The Last Child of Gallifrey Bugs & Fixes

Afternoon all,

So the Bugs list seems to be slowing down now, with only a few unstable bugs popping up here and there.

I will get around to fixing these, whilst running alongside Project 2, which I'm pleased to announce has begun development.

Release 2 - Out of Time (working Title)

Out of Time is the focus of Release 2 and features yes, Time Travel. In a strictly Quest orientated environment, the TARDIS takes you back to October the 22nd 2077 to investigate a fracture in Time and Space. There'll be ghosts, there'll be a lot of action, there'll be a couple of very familiar faces and there'll also be a new mechanic to reward the player with.

The Last Child of Gallifrey Updates

Please see the below Bugs List. An estimated fix for these should be some time this week by Tuesday (as I'm away for a wedding Weds - Sun).

Bugs List 15/08/2010

- River Song's Sonic Screwdriver Causing CTD when playing a saved game
- Interior door disables sometime during the Quest before completion
- Dalek Weapon effect applies too all laser weapons
- 'Home Box' event sounds continuously
- 'Critical Engine Phase' event could be causing issues with Demat controls
- EPM not restoring shields to Levelled Capacity
- Numerous Texture and Model Glitches

Patch 2 Plans Date TBC

- Fix any CTD's
- Resolve the Disabled Interior Door
- Resolve Home Box sounds issue
- Resolve Critical Engine Phase control nulling
- Resolve EPM shield recharging
- Allow player to view current Piloting Level and the amount of XP to accrue


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madman450 said...

hey there, there is a new problem a lot of people are experiencing now which is when the tardis is finished refuelling i re-enter the tardis and i need tod do the quest again