Fluid Links: New Feature for Patch 3/Version 2

Hi all,

Well it's 00:05am and I have to be up for work in, oh, 6 hours. So I'll keep this short and sign off.

I've implemented the last big feature of this release this evening with great success.

The Fluid Links are mercury filled vials that allow the TARDIS to function correctly. Essentially measured in degrees temperature, they have a neutral 50* starting point.

They can be destroyed in two ways; by either freezing or boiling.


Frozen Links shatter. If you don't use your TARDIS as often as it would like, the links freeze up, akin to the axle of a car. When they hit 0 degrees, they shatter.


Over-flying your TARDIS can overheat the ship, causing the links to boil and blow.

To replace your Fluid Links, the simplicity lies in distilling your own mercury.

The TARDIS workshop now comes with a handy Matter Cohesion Generator which can smelt and rearrange on a molecular level many items. The generator can specifically create three types of items; Ammo, Armour and Mercury.

All of this comes at a cost of scrap metal, Mercury being the most expensive at 15 units for one product.

Refining scrap into this form gives you Raw Mercury, which can then be taken to the Doctor's Home made Pyrolosis Kit in the Infirmary. This can then accept Raw Mercury to produce within 24 game hours (not real-time like TARDIS flight mechanics), Distilled Mercury.

Once completed, this can then be placed in the Fluid Links on the console to get the ship back up to its running capacity.

What I'm typing probably doesn't seem to make much sense, so just be reassured to say follow your Guide from the Nexus and keep your eyes peeled for a final release mid week.


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