Half way done...


so, release 2 is halfway done. I'm overly impressed with myself. Not only have I managed to get a good looking and fractionally more professional quest done so far, I've also just created a bloody excellent new area for the TARDIS with brilliant new features.

The Workshop

A new feature comes to the workshop with this release... the TARDIS Work Bench. The Work Bench can be used to upgrade existing tools, such as the Sonic Screwdriver and its future variant. It can also be used to build handy timey wimey gadgets useful keeping the TARDIS in tip-top condition.

The Gardens

The TARDIS Gardens are for the botanists at heart. Full of alien vegetation (some of it dangerous!), it can be used once the second Quest is completed for many functions.

- Grow your own veg with a botanical vegetable patch
- And mix and create exotic plants and synthetic fertilisers using a great and handy little terminal mixing system I've incorporated.

Screenies below.

Unfortunately, due to the need for content, Release 2 is a definitie stipulated requirement for the official DLC, Point Lookout. I apologise, but that's just the way it is right now.

Tomorrow I'll embark on finishing off the mapping, Monday I should spend tweaking the narrative and such and hopefully we'll have a nice Bank Holiday release for all you lovely and wonderful followers :)

Beware: Vampire Ivy hurts.

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