Teaser: The Changing Faces...

Coming Friday: Fallout Who - Release One...

An exciting and unique new Quest - 'The Last Child of Gallifrey'

Rebuild and repair the TARDIS to its former glory.

Configurable TARDIS

Upgrade, maintain and fly the TARDIS across the Washington DC Wasteland and through the Space-Time Vortex to unlock secret items and bonuses to the last ship of her kind.

Sonic Screwdriver

Lock and unlock doors and containers, bypass Terminals and take out robots from afar with this trusty piece of Gallifreyan Sonic Technology.

Pilot the Ship

Fly the TARDIS into the Heart of Time and Space, levelling up a unique Piloting Skill as you go for an extra special reward at level 10!

A New and Unique Wasteland Location

Explore the mysterious UNIT Osterhagen Facility to uncover deadly alien weaponary and top secret experimental technology.

As a small treat to wet your whistle until Friday, you'll find below a screeny of 5 of the available Doctor's outits to don your Wastelander and parade around.


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Anonymous said...

wow a crack in the skin of the universe,space and time-playing music :D