Offline time: Sat 25th Sept

Avid followers,

I'll be vanishing for a few weeks whilst I get things in life sorted. A big house move, hotrodding up and down the country and getting settled.
Things with the mod should pick up again once the dust settles.

Until then;



guillaume said...

hello, sorry for my bad english.
Thanks for your mod, it's very great for all fan of doctor who !
But i've a little problem.
I've textures clipping on and into the TARDIS,i've all the DLC, last patch. If you have a solution, will be great.
Again thanks for your job!

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to play this mid-game, or should i start over?

guillaume said...

Well it's working now, I just activated Archive Invalidation, and it's working. So Thanks for the mod, it's great ! Allons-y Alonso !