Fallout Who: A Retrospect

As I sit here in my new study,

I'm twitching. Twitching to get back on with the project. But then, I feel like I'm being held back, because yes, this week heralds the release of the wonderfully exciting looking New Vegas.
More on that later.

Fallout Who

I've had masses of appraisal for the project from everyone, and a lot of kind and generous coverage.
I've also had positive criticism, and negative (and unnecessarily harsh) criticism, but it's a project, and like all projects, it won't better itself if I shrug off the bad points.

I've had a lot of fun making the mod and learning the script (like the back of my hand now may I add).

The second Release, Ghosts in the Machine, was my attempt at constructing an epic, yet mini, story. It was purely experimental, a dabble with cinematics.

And it worked :)

There were key, fundamental mechanics I've learnt through the project. Time-keeping, publicity, listening to its followers and learning from mistakes.

I could list the many, many things I'm not happy about with the mod, but that'd be pointless. I'm just happy to have learnt from them.

For this reason, Fallout Who has gone to sleep. It may not be forever, but for now, it's resting whilst I get things back on track and sample New Vegas.

Fallout Who .2 however is a different kettle of fish.

People have asked me if I'll ever be including Matt Smith's TARDIS in the project, and the answer simply put, is hell yes.

Although this time, I intend to correct the mistakes of the first mod, and completely rework my methodology.

Gone will be the fetch and run quests of yesteryear, in will come the fully simulated TARDIS flight and autopilot for quick trips.

So, without further ado,

many thanks for your unending support over the past few years, and let's look forward to a future of New Vegas Who.

Kris aka Demeggy

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