A Soundless Sonic...

Well, the only thing holding back the release of the Sonic Screwdriver would be the lack of sound. The second I've figured why sound won't play in GECK, I'll fire it up for download over at the Nexus.

Meanwhile, I've started up a WIPz thread for the so-far titled Fallout Who: New Vegas Edition, again at the Nexus.

Visit it here to share input and chatter.

I'm finding it hard to play the storyline (even if it's brilliant), because all I want to do is progress with the mod.

Ah well, I'll crack on with the story.



Anonymous said...

Well, dang. I don't have New Vegas yet! I've been waiting to play this mod - I asked this a few posts back but can't find it now, so I'm not sure if you replied.

Can you start mid-game on this? Is it viable to play after hitting lev 30 in Broken Steel and finishing up all the other stuff? Or should you play it from a new game (or middle of a new game, some low level?)

Thank you!

Chris said...

Hi there, I'd advise you complete the game first, as the locations could ruin quests and the storyline.

Some people have problems with Broken Steel and the mod (not sure why).

You can download the Mod from the link on the right, apologies for the delay in responding, I've recently just moved and have only gotten my cable supply back.

Cheers, and keep following!