Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!


it seems Christmas has come and gone. The past fortnight has been the most chaotic fortnight I've had all year, but it's done now and it's back to work tomorrow for me.

Did you all have a good Christmas? Lovely stuff, mine was superb and I managed to get hold of a small hoarde of goodies from Mrs Demeggy and co.

Christmas Day was a calm affair, just the two of us, slap up 3 course Christmas Dinner with the trimmings, plenty of twiglets, a tonne of jelly babies and several bottles of magners, red wine and a few cheeky bailey's to see the night out to a cracking episode of Doctor Who.

And oh my, doesn't Series 6 look just as amazing as ever?

Well, I best get around to apologising; as my good old PR chappy Scott aka Riker (bless him, I might put him on the bodyguard payroll if he keeps on tabs for me ;) ) said in last post's lengthy comment session, I've had a chaotic week. Frozen plumbing, visiting family, Christmas preparations and nothing but work work work.

Needless to say all I had to really do was pop up the next release, and sure as it was Boxing Day yesterday comes another (albeit late) Christmas present.

So take this post as the pre-emptive apology and Christmas greeting to the next release. I intend on getting everything out by Friday, but I'll make no promises as is per the usual gab.

So, yes,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Nero17 said...

Love enslaved, probs the story does it for me! Remember watching the tv show with the same story but very diff setting, sorry, rambling, anyways, cant wait for the next release!