Release One: The Mark III 'Classic' Sonic Screwdriver 1.0


The Classic Era of Who marvels the original Sonic Screwdriver. Flailed at the Giant K1 Robot, whipped at the Supervoc and his deadly Robots, this classic Sonic Technology was carried by the Doctor in his 3rd, 4th and 5th Incarnations.

Mark III Sonic Screwdriver Stats:
  • Weight: 1.0
  • Damage: x350 against Roboforms
  • - Can unlock doors and containers such as lockers and safes, but cannot bypass terminal security.
  • - So lithe and small can be smuggled into Casinos.

Download now from:-


Xanderhunter said...

Hooray our first piece of Dr Who gear!! Wish I had any reference to this Screwdriver, I have not been able to find a good way to watch the older Dr Who shows other then a few on Netflix but they don't have them organized by seasons only story arc's. Every time I look at them I get flustered trying to figure out where the beginning is and give up. But keep up the good work man and waiting for the next upload.

Zerograv said...

heh yeah it is good to get a retro sonic screwdriver, but to the guy above me go to dailymotion someone uploaded EVERY and I mean EVERY single episode of old doctor who and there is usually a playlist to play them all in order

Xanderhunter said...

Tried using the site but searches for doctor who turned up nothing useful

Zerograv said...

ah no you gotta search for the episode name e.g. try searching for genesis of the daleks part 1