Fallout: Who Vegas in the Limelight

Fallout: Who Vegas

The Project received a bit of limelight late last week on my very favourite Who news site, Doctor Who TV.co.uk

The site features a "Weird and Wonderful" Weekly article covering many a cool Who thing, and this week it was my turn for a small section of the light.

Last year, they gave me a wonderful review which was full of top notch rating and I can't thank them enough for randomly popping the project up for further preview.

Get yourselves over to the site (click the banner link above) for a glance and a daily update on all things Who.

Here's to more from doctorwhotv.co.uk!



MegaUnoriginal said...

is that the official news site? if so, you should ask to borrow matt smith for a quick hologram voice over

Doctor Who TV said...

No problem Kris. Thanks for your recommendation. Looking forward to seeing a video of the project in action.

Mudo146 said...

Congratulations, Kris!