The Silence, Cloaking Mode and Fizzy Straws?


Have we died? Have we vanished into the ether? We certainly haven't. As ever at the Tower, we've been busying away working relentlessly to bring you the best of the best for the Project.

With the fantastic Series 6 opener on Saturday, not only has it spurred us on to continue in due speed with the project, but it's all raised questions begging to be answered.

Will the Fallout Who TARDIS have a cloaking mode? Will you come across the Silence and forget about them as soon as you've lost sight of them? WILL YOU HAVE A STETSON?

Well, the answers, are simply no. (Apart from the Stetson. And Jammie Dodgers. And a pot of coffee).

At current, we're pushed against it with the workload. Including brand new creatures to face, whole new worldspaces, an indepth flight system and a completely customly meshed interior all on top of a fantastically engaging and completely thrilling adventure doesn't allow for the time for us to work on Series 6 material.

Besides, we're only 1/6th the way through, who knows what's going to happen..?

Keep your eyes on the Silence,

Demeggy & the team


xg42 said...

Ahh it would have been nice to see the cloaking mod and the silence even if we would have forgotten about them after looking away but I understand that your working on other aspects therefore unable not focusing on series 6 material:)

Cwang92 said...

Yes!!! Theres gonna be a STETSON!!!! :D

Stevielfc said...

i simply can not wait for this im playin on new vegas just wanting to be the doctor but i aint got no TARDIS and decent clothes lol this will be the all time great mod i can feel it if only i had a real TARDIS to go forward in time to the day the mod is released :D

Xyphos said...

well it dosnt compare at all but theres the other basic tardis to use while we wait

Kris said...

I can;t endorse Murfy's TARDIS enough mod enough. The Police Box mesh from the project belongs to Murfy and full credit is due to him for initially getting me into modding for Fallout 3 a couple of years back.

Go enjoy it :)

Luke said...

I'm loving the work you are doing but i am probably going to ask what everyone is wanting to ask. So, any chance of a teaser in the very near future. Again i'm really looking forward to the mod.