Development - The Pacifist Playthrough

For visitors over to the forums, you'll be familiar with a concept we're employing in the mod, known as the 'Pacifist Playthrough'.

The PP is an angle on Fallout gameplaying that takes its traditional concept of gun-toting and karma, and twists it to the extreme.

Doctor Who is a family show, renown for its simplistic and peaceful resolutions. Whilst sometimes, the leading protagonists have to fight dirty, it's always with the best of intentions at heart.

Trying to incorporate this sort of mechanic into Fallout can be seen as being particularly tricky...

Without giving any of the plot away, your choices through the main quest will result heavily in an outcome that sees your style of gameplay irreversibly changed.

Fans of The Last Child of Gallifrey will remember from my development videos that my key aim was to reduce the violence aspect of the game, and replace it with brain-power and logic. Turning a simple locked door against a supermutant was more effective than running out of Shotgun shells when trapped in a tight corner of an abandoned and ransacked Washington Hospital. This was a mechanic I wanted to explore, and increased it in Ghosts in the Machine, with the not so brilliantly transferred 'ghoul in the corridor' situation.

What we're aiming to do here is give players a choice.

The Doctor is a pacifist; always has been and always will be. Other Time Lords however aren't so soft. Pacifist Playthrough rewards players with unique perks by resolving combat in a unique style as opposed to blasting in with itchy trigger fingers. Alternatively, if you're donning the 'bad cap', bursting into a room wielding a Laser Screwdriver and a hefty attitude could have its own unique rewards.

To sum it up in a neat little explanation; The Pacifist Playthrough is a choice mechanic.

Choose Good? or Choose Bad? The rewards will way far heavier on your character than ever before.



Anonymous said...

This system sounds good, especialy if a lower level wants to play this, just one thing though.I don't really think the terms good and bad apply to this. Is running in with a laser screwdriver against a load of daleks bad?Blowing up an angel that would otherwise torment generations or locking it up, just a different way of solving the same problem.Keep up the awesome work

Peach23 said...
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Kris said...

The Monsters of the Alliance that you face up against are exempt from this rule. The Pacifist playthrough relates only to existing NPCs and Creatures within the Mojave. There's a unique and clever achilles heel for each of the aliens featured which we'll be revealing at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Well with that im not questioning your morality as much now. I was worried there thinking that you considered stopping a dalek invasion by force was bad and good is helping them.