EXCLUSIVE: Fallout: Who Vegas - Preview

Coming Saturday after BBC One's Episode 4 'The Doctor's Wife', get yourselves over to the blog for an exclusive preview of Fallout: Who Vegas. (8pm GMT Sat 14 May)

We'll be revealing plot details, more screenshots, a new trailer and the highly anticipated plot title.

Expect the creepy, the crazy and the revealing.



Archer said...

Excellent stuff - now I'm excited for the new episode AND the Fallout: Who reveal! :)

Zerograv said...

Now I want to ask the creator of falloutwho a question

What should I be getting more excited for?

A) The answer to all the questions in this series of doctor who?

B) This mod?

Zerograv said...

Hmm did my last comment get deleted? =(

Still though, looking forward to tommorow

falloutwho said...

Looks like it fell into a Time Crack out of existence eh?

Please do look forward to it, there's a smashing new teaser trailer, with your very first glimpse of an upcoming monster, aswell as a breakdown of the current console layout, development and a full indepth look at the features to be incorporated.


Zerograv said...

Wha-quick reply, but darn those pesky time cracks. Oh well not too much lost in the end. I guess thanks for the quick reply =)

Kris said...

Indeed, busy/late night getting everything ready for tomorrow.
Not a worry, don't forget to keep an eye on our forums aswell.


Cwang92 said...

Okay, just turned around on my computer chair to watch Tv, while loading the blog. Turned around, then saw "DONT BLINK" and ended up on the floor! Lol but still, cannot wait for tommorow!!!!!

Mudo146 said...

Don't blink, hmm? Well, I won't let you do- DAMN IT! I'm in 1939 now? Really?

Stevielfc said...

I have got a Timey-Rimey Dectector and it goes ding when theres stuff....although that could be my microwave :/