Project Delays, Deadlines and Dilemnas


For your kind, understanding patience. It's not easy anticipating something, only for it to be constantly hit with setbacks and delays, and it's even more difficult when the people responsible don't speak up.

So here I am, pleading our apologies.

As you all know from our last couple of posts, we've had a major set of delays. Things have taken a real precedence over the project lately, and I've had neither the time nor money to throw any effort into Fallout Who, resulting in a severe period of stagnance.

With major technical issues affecting development (hardware failures etc), it seemed bleak that there was any hope for me to continue, but I have set myself a challenge.

In 6 months, my time will be completely and utterly devoted to a goal outside of the project. Without going into it, there'll be no room in my schedule for anything outside of work and RnR, so I have given myself the challenge.

Get it up and out in 6 months, or give up.

September 10th is the limit.

Providing I can acquire a small upgrade to my current desktop system in the next couple of months, it's a feasible target.

I'll be giving further updates as and when, but for now, keep faith!



cinnykitty said...

O.o time to setup paypal for donations lol no but seriously I know you guys can do it :D good luck

Liamvt said...

six months hmmm

well since you already had a release date planned for january i think it's probably doable.

i take it from your post demeggy that you have time to work on the project at the moment? my advice is to get a working version up and then try to find a new team to continue the mod. i don't know what's going on but i'm guessing you can do all that in six months correct?

whatever you intent to do i wish you good luck in both this project and your personal goals.

Unknown said...

You guys are a very capable, but small team, maybe you might want to consider help outside of your own group, I understand you width to get a bug free version out for initial release but maybe, if you let other people contribute more models and textures, as well as fixes, this could be accomplished faster.
If anything you could set up a paypal donation system, I am sure there are many Dr.Who and Fallout fans willing to donate a few bucks to see such an exquiste concept to become a creation. I would recommend reaching out to some of the top modders of the Nexus. I'm just and average modder and probably wouldn't be that much of an asset to you anyways, but these are my two bits for today, I hope you consider some of them. And good luck with the mod. The last thing we want to see, is for it to die...

Jack said...

Well I keep an eye on this still see what happens. Regardless what happens; thanks for the effort, and good luck with life brother

Archer said...

Yeah, as Jack says, basically. Obviously, real life is more important and I hope things are well in that regard. However, I have to admit I would be gutted if the team gave up - I've been looking forward to this awesome project for a while now! Please don't worry about delays - great things can take a long time. Regardless, best of luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

With that GARBAGE platformer coming out for consoles, oh god . . pleeeeeease make it happen to teachem a lesson. I heard about you on youtube and have been dying since the Dalek trailer.

supertardis49 said...

come on fellas, ur da BEST i would wait my whle life for a play on this mod... il be donating!!!

Anonymous said...

Need... Doctor... Who.... Mod.... I don't care how long it takes. :( Your game will be better than the "official" games. xD You can do it! I believe in you! I'm sure many people understand things can be hard especially making something this complicated for free. Take care.

supertardis49 said...

Ill sneak a cake into ur office!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very feasible target. Would it be possible to keep us up to date with like maybe bi-weekly or monthly updates?