Exciting Times

It's been a hectic week.

Recovering from a pretty nasty cold, I've been able to do spits and spats on Episode One, culminating in the release of Beta 1.02 late Friday, yielding positive feedback and a low bug count.

Spyduck's been working pretty heavily on our old Silurian friends and I've begun working on the 3rd section of the quest.

We've hit the halfway mark with Episode One, all in the space of 2 weeks.

As we've been beavering away, we've been looking at the future of Fallout Who Vegas, and the delivery of the Episodic releases.

I want to take a short amount of time to explain to you the design choices for Episode One and these future releases we're implementing.

As I've consistently hammered on about during the projects long existence, I want to give you guys and gals the opportunity to forge your own new story in the Fallout Universe. I want your choices to impact the story you experience from Fallout Who, with every decision counting.
Do you destroy the alien threat or negotiate a peaceful resolution with it? A repercussion that might not immediately resonate in the here and now will indefinitely crop up in a later Episode.

Fallout Who was initially about TARDIS emulation, and at its core, it still is; but now, it has evolved into something much more.

I'm a creative person, with a love for Doctor Who, and the ability to develop a mod of this magnitude allows me to share a story with you all, and an adventure that you can enjoy. I want to deliver a mod that categorically changes the way you play Fallout New Vegas, that defines the path you take with the mod loaded.

I hope you'll enjoy the first episode when it's released,

I sure know our Beta testers are loving every second of it.

Demeggy, Spyduck and Riker

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Exciting Times Indeed!