An FAQs section has been uploaded to the blog with a combination of the best questions. Not all have been answered, but the intention is to leave a little mystery.
Over the coming weeks, more details relating to Episode One are going to be released in preparation for its release.

Any questions relating to the mod from now on should be posted in the Forum, located via the Probards link on the bottom right-hand menu.



Anonymous said...

When do ye think the tardis will be out

Cwang92 said...

Quick Question, will the episodes for Fallout Who be released within a time-based system? Like to simulate an actual episodic release where a new episode is released once a month?

BrainiacEL said...

It would be awesome if the mod came out this Wednesday!

That would be an awesome birthday present! :D

Cwang92 said...

Congratulations Fallout Who! Your trailer for episode 1 made the Doctor Who tv Weird and Wonderful segment!