FWV: Episodes

After long consideration, we've decided that the current planned releases for Fallout Who Vegas will be delivered in good old Who styled Episodes. Whilst we have a set number at current that will be easy to deliver, I'd like to wet your appetites and specifically talk about Episode One.

Episode One: Out of Time is quest orientated and will take you beyond the boundaries of the Mojave Wasteland to another part of the post-apocalyptic United States. You'll be facing off against some of the Doctor's most terrifying enemies, concluding with a cliffhanger that will leave you on the edge of your seats and desperate for Episode Two.

Teaser trailers for Episode One will soon begin to surface, but I appreciate you understand that I'd rather focus more heavily on the development of the mod, as opposed to focus on the shine and glitter of its publication.

All I can say concerning what to expect, is expect the unexpected. Expect what you'd expect to find with your standard Doctor Who episode, full of brain bending puzzles and pant-wetting moments.
There will be difficult choices, some will have permanent ramifications in future releases, so choose wisely, whilst others will have a more prevalent effect in the here and now.

Demeggy, Spyduck (and Riker - welcome back!)


BrainiacEL said...

This mod is going to be awesome!!!!

Sorry if I wasn't paying attention but it's coming out soon right?
Either way this mod is awesome and it's not even out yet!!! :D

I can't wait!!!!!

Cwang92 said...

Welcome back RIKER!!!!!

Jack said...

I say this most emphatically....... EPICNESS!

M12Sarge said...

Can't wait for episode one! I have my character ready for FVW.

Anonymous said...

I presume beta testing is going well then? I can't wait..f**k it I'll just go forward in time.

Anonymous said...

The waiting... OH GOD THE WAITING...

But seriously this is going to be amazing and I can't wait!