Good Friday mumblings...

Happy Easter all,

Joe and I have been working our butts off the last couple of days to get things really rolling.

The quest is taking shape nicely, and really does get you to use your noggin instead of your fists, which is after all what Who is about.

The Silurians have made their first tentative appearance in the Wasteland, something Joe has astonishingly represented, and the Angels are having a complete mechanism redux.

It was decided last night that we're cutting back on the need for NVSE.

We want the mod to be open to all, and whilst NVSE is free to use and has little issues, installing it can be somewhat of a pain, and we want the mod to accessible and simple to get up and running with minimal effort.

Closed beta is now running with a team of 4 behind the wheel, so congrats to those involved.

We'll be providing consecutive development updates as and when as always, but for now, enjoy your Easter Eggs.

Demeggy & Spyduck


BrainiacEL said...

Awesome job and good luck to the chosen 4!

It's too bad I wasn't accepted :(
Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until its release! :)

Anonymous said...

NVSE (or any other script extender) has never really been a problem, and is easier to install then most mods, its your call of course but i believe it would add allot to what is possible in the mod.

but ill be looking foreword anyway, just worried your making what your trying to do in this mod harder for yourself.

Cwang92 said...

Amazed I can comment while traveling lol. Sounds exciting! Glad to hear the weeping angels will still make an appearance. Needless to say, I can't wait!

Griever28 said...

Glad to see things are underway the sheer excitement i got from reading the post just made my year i think.

Hope everything continues to progress well and looking forward to the mod massively :)

cinnykitty said...

I cant wait to see the scripts for the angels when they fully work! good luck guys ^^

Dionysus said...

Huzzah ! An update !
I'm still really really really looking foward to this mod !

Good luck and tons of cheers to keep you motivated :D

Tin Can said...

If you're still accepting Beta testers, I'd love to sign up. I was dumb enough to not check up on the site when you made the beta testing announcement :)

I've been devoting my time to Doctor Who unbelieveably much after my British buddy introduced me to the show in 2008. I watched a whole seasons per day of the new series nearly, and never got tired of it.
If it also matters I've played both your Doctor Who mods for Fallout 3 in the past, Out of Time and Ghosts in the Machine - Really enjoyed both of them.

I have as much time as you need for me to test as I do not have work or school for that matter until late this year, that's 99% availability basically as the only other time I would not be available is when I sleep at nights, GMT+1 Timezone

So give me a shout if you need another devoted tester.