A lot of questions have surfaced regarding Fallout Who Vegas, and we'd like to take a chance to answer them all. So without further ado, please leave your questions in the comments field below, and we'll pick from the ones we find the most revealing yet concealing.



An Avid Fan With (with a question) said...

How much of the Doctor Who theme music will be in it whether it be from current doctor or past?

Anonymous said...

Will there be regenation and The doctors outfit

Cwang92 said...
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Cwang92 said...

1) How many locations have been currently implemented into the tardis?
2) How many rooms are in the Tardis?
3) Does the Time Rotor on the Tardis do its iconic up and down motion during flight?
4) Do we still refuel the Tardis?
5) Is regeneration still a feature, and if so, has it been improved since Fallout 3?
6) Can we disarm foes with a sonic screwdriver as to avoid using violence?
7) Will Doctor Who Foes be found wandering the wasteland?
8) Will episode 1 be released before the end of May?

M12Sarge said...

Will we be able to wear each of the Doctor's outfits like in LCoG or is that removed in this mod?

Anonymous said...

1. Will the Doctor's outfits be in this?
2. Will the Dalek Exterminator Beam be in this?
3. Has regeneration improved sincs GitM?
4. Are all versions of the Screwdriver going to be implemented, or just the Mark VII?
5. Will the Daleks still be a feature?
6. Will we find out who the hooded man in GitM was?

Griever28 said...

Will the Tardis be more interactive during flight? Will it be similar in fallout 3 or will we have a more active run around the console kind of thing?

will there be Blue stabilizers? aha

How will the weeping angels effect a character ? Kill you or zap you back in time creating a quest to get your Tardis back?

Looking forward to this mod been waiting so long but i can just tell it's going to be well worth the wait :)

Lord Odment said...

Will Jack Be Making A Reappearence.

If So Then Will We Get To Take His Vortex Manipulator, Or Better Yet Get One Of Our Very Own (Possably Built Into Or As A Replacer For The Pip-Boy).

Will There Be Much More Essentially Pointless Functionality Of Which We Whovians Love So Much (Swimming Pool, Artron/Matter Converters, Spare Control Rooms, Etc.

And Finally A Small Request, If You Have Not Already Then I Beg You
Please Do NOT Add River, Just A Small (Highly Biased) Request So Feel Free To Ignore It.

No Matter What You Do I Thank You Nonetheless.

Please Continue To Bring Pride To The Modding Community


Anonymous said...

Will there be friendly faces making an appearance in the mod? And if so will we be able to make them companions?

Dionysus said...

Well, after reading the other questions I'll try to add a few new ones.

1. What exactly will the Sonic Screwdriver be able to do ? Just unlock/lock doors and terminals ?
2. What equipment will you find in the Tardis ? Workbenches ? Auto-Doc ? Storage ? Garden with respawning plants ?
3. Will there be quests to "upgrade" the Tardis by unlocking new rooms ?
4. Is the Dalek Death-Ray an instant-kill like in the series ?
5.How can you fight against the weeping angels ? Are they invincible while looking at them ? Do you need to indirectly hit them via grenades or mines ?
6. How many new locations will be added ?
7. What about new perks ?
8. New Weapons and Armor ?
9. Will there be new dialoque options during the normal game ? Because I'm sure the Doctor would be able to solve many quests in a very different way.
10. How will time travel work ? Can you travel into the pre-war days where everything is still okay ? Can you travel to the great war (similar to Operation Anchorage). Can you travel into the future where everything will be okay again, or even worse?(maybe depending on your karma and actions ?)

Dionysus said...

Oh, and since someone asked about River Song ...

You should actually add River Song AND Rose Tyler to the game, because this way you can please both camps at the same time.
People who actually like these characters ... well they can meet and talk to them and stuff.
Everyone who hates them (including me) get the statisfaction to put a bullet in their brains.
And maybe River Song regenerates so you have the pleasure to kill her more than once ?

fringe_doctor said...

I am going to buy this game once the mod comes out, so do I need to buy all the DLC's as well for this mod to work, and can you put up installation instructions thx :D