A Brief Update

That's another month gone by, with another year gone by, and and we're making good progress.

A short update here as I intend on spending the next hour adding cinematic effects to the penultimate 'boss' encounter of release one...

So in brief;

- Beta Testing steams ahead, the select few who made it into round 2 have given some excellent feedback. Special mention goes to Great Ill Motives who's incredibly detailed insight on both a gameplay and bug finding walkthrough have seriously allowed me to fine tune some of the 'grey areas' of the mod that I was struggling to wrap my pretty little head around
- Area/Level/Map 4 is now pretty much implemented, save for Navmeshing and additional detailing. It comes with a unique gameplay mechanic, special environment effects similar in effect to radiation and some nice new items and for you to get your hands on (Thermalsuit/Datagun anyone?). This means we're only 2 areas/levels/maps away from a completed build.
- The final enemy is currently being modelled and rigged ready for implementation. Delete.



An Avid Fan. said...

Sounds very exciting. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

"Delete." Wait a minute, could it be? Cybermen?