Build 2 - An interesting Development...


Series 7 has begun, and what a series it is. For those that haven't yet seen it, I'll remain spoilerless, but it sure as hell has given us some new inspiration for Fallout Who Vegas.

So, where are we? What have we been doing?

Good questions.

As per usual, Real Life rules the roost (no job means no food and no electricity, which means no project and no release), so obviously working life takes priority.

So where are we with the ever ongoing Fallout Who Vegas?

We're back to square one, that's where.

This isn't a bad thing...

I'll go over a demo of Build 1 in the coming weeks so you can see what could have been. A long forgotten UNIT installation, a carnival of monsters and mysterious experiments led to inexorably a poorly strung together narrative and incredibly difficult to manage level system which resulted in days and weeks of struggle and labour.

After mulling things over with Spyduck, we sat down and agreed to begin on a Build 2. Taking the best parts from Build 1, what went well, what went excellently, and essentially incorporating them into a Build 2.

So what's the point of Build 2?

  • A more streamlined Quest. Rough, complicated narrative edges sawn off completely to provide a smoother story without the Moffat law-bending antics of storytelling (but still holding great inspiration from the genius himself)
  • Quicker. On first playthrough, Build 1 lasted around 45 minutes, and that's with knowing how to complete the many puzzles and sub-objectives each level contained. Our Closed Beta testers took on average around 8 - 10 hours in accumulated playtime to get from map 1 to map 5, warts and all. This was down to map size and complexity of plot. This heralded many issues for us as designers to try and ensure there was reason to the great length of time it took to traverse the maps.
  • Delivery. As always, I've stressed since FWV's inception that after the mistakes made with The Last Child of Gallifrey, it's Fallout 3 Predecessor, I wanted to ensure a quality assured and fun mod to play through. With fine tuned maps and compelling puzzles, we're able to package this in a shorter but more concentrated release (which will allow us to focus on delivering episode 2 and the TARDIS a lot quicker)

So all in all, that's where we are. We've taken entire chunks from Build 1 and layered them into Build 2 (specifically the Silurians sequence, which took almost 2 months to design, script and map - which is frankly, too much work to lose).

The original plot remains the same, but this time, we've dumbed it down.

Instead of being given the mystery at face value, your expected to work for your answers. Who are you? Where are you? How did you leave the Mojave and so on.

So with work proceeding at a steady nod, expect a demo 'Lets Play' of Build 1 to be released in the coming weeks.

Until then,

Demeggy and Spyduck


Cwang92 said...

Interesting.... Glad to know the Fallout Who Team takes interest in the overall quality of their mod, and I just feel bad that they have even MORE work to do!

Jack said...

Thanks, que sera sera, I appreciate the continued work on this though. Sounds as bloodly brilliant as ever, and certainly worth any wait.

achilles1371 said...

"DINOSAURS! ON A SPACE SHIP?!" also, a LOT of eggs, ters, mins and nates.

Suraru said...

Egg, Stir, Min, Ate!

And that is how you make an omelet :D

Suraru said...

Or maybe scrambled eggs..............

daniel malpas said...

mind if i record a youtube vid of this when it comes out dem?