Spyduck & Hurricane Sandy

Hi all,

another week trundles by and we get progressively further with the mod, but that's not why I'm posting this afternoon.

The mod is going to take a brief break for the week as Spyduck, the other half to Fallout Who Vegas, is currently on the run from hurricane Sandy.

Now I make this sound jovial, but as you should all be aware, the Hurricane is a bit of a beast, and living in NY State, poor Spyduck and his family have had to up sticks and evacuate to safety.

So, to Spyduck, his family and all the other millions of evacuees from the East Coast of the USA, stay safe, and we hope it passes without much damage.



Slicedrat said...

Hope spyduck is okay,wouldnt wanna lose him.

thespacephantom said...

Aw, I hope Spyduck is all right. :(

Anonymous said...

Can he run and type?
In all seriousness, I hope everything is okay for them!

Spyduck said...

I have it on good authority that Spyduck is okay! And actually living close to, but not in, NY.

Source: I am Spyduck, too lazy to make an account.

Cwang92 said...

Spyduck! You're alive! I mean of course you're alive... you've got the word 'duck' in your name, you can swim!