Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

A very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all,

So It's been a bit quiet on the Western front over the past few days as it were, and this is obviously because it's a festive time for family and friends!

I trust everyone enjoyed The Snowmen, and the introduction of not only a new TARDIS interior (and slightly battered exterior?!) but also a new opening sequence and theme tune?

Work on the mod is taking a brief break for the holidays so that we can spend time with our loved ones, but it'll be picking up into full swing come the first week of Jan with some exciting new features to reveal.

So until then, enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Demeggy, Joe and everyone else chipping in on FWV!


Cwang92 said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all as well! 2013 is looking pretty bright for the future of Fallout Who...

Anicarth said...

Merry Christmas and happy boxing day! i can't remotely understand how clara oswin oswald is going to play out. but she is already my fav. "its smaller on the outside"

Kitsudragon said...

My guess? She's got serial immortality. She dies somewhere, and immediately pops up somewhere else. However, where most people who have this kind of power immediately wake up in the same place, she wakes up in another time.

If it's something like this, it has the potential for the kind of sci-fi/horror that defines Doctor Who. She may keep reincarnating in various times, but each time, she starts over. She might be able to remember past lives, but even if so, the Doctor would have to find her, and convince her all over again each time to trust him long enough to remember.

It would make for an interesting Companion, if she's essentially immune to the Curse of the Doctor's Companions. Of course, if she gets hit by this Curse anyway, it could be truly epic.

(Since Doctor Who is sci-fi/Horror, I see the Curse of the Companions being that while horrible things happen to the people the Doctor meets, the worst fates are reserved for his Companions. So far, I think only Martha has managed to dodge the Curse, getting away fairly unscathed, unless you count the lost year she spent trying to save Earth.

Anicarth said...

if you think about it, (SPOILER to those who haven't seen the christmas special) just as she was dying she said, "run you clever boy, and remember" almost as if something clicked on a subconcious level. ive been reading tons of theories on who clara oswin oswald is, i have a feeling this season is going to be far beyond anything we can think up. hail moffat :)

Cwang92 said...

Hello all! Sorry, I just can't stand leaving the Fallout Who page quiet... I hope everyone is having a brilliant 2013 so far! I've finally gotten my character, appropriately named 'The Courier', to the spot where I want him to stay until the release of Fallout Who Vegas, no matter how long a wait that could be. Just got a save-file ready, and waiting.. and for some odd reason, that makes me happy.