With Haste!

Evening all.

A very brief update to let you know how amazingly well progress has gone.

Both Spyduck and I have been power-housing it through development, and I'd dare even say we've worked harder than ever before in the past month.

So in true, rushed fashion;
  • The quest is in, with 5 distinct and unique locations, playable and completable
  • All 5 monsters are ingame, working and complete
  • TARDIS Flight has been refined with 4 modes, bug-free
  • Onboard Systems (Components & Fuel) are ingame and working without fault, with repair and upgrade functionality to all.
  • A new CSR (Context Sensitive Response) flight system has been implemented during 3 of the 4 Flight Modes.
  • The PXP (Pilot XP) and 10-Level Levelling system has been implemented, as at current without rewards but soon to be added
  • TARDIS interior has been fully modelled, with living quarters, wardrobes, swimming pool and control room
  • TARDIS console is fully interactive, with animated Nav and Helm controls
  • TARDISCraft (henceforth dubbed) is our current stage of development, allowing onboard crafting of 4 unique Who-themed items to be built and upgraded during your adventures

There's only 1 major system we're yet to finish, but I have every confidence that with the speed we're working at, things should gel together pretty nicely.

Until our next update,



Cwang92 said...

Oh a bulleted list! I love those! Merry Whomas!.... Wow... I'm never saying that again.

kdog0598 said...

Merry Whomas indeed. What a wonderful gift this will be when it comes out.

Cwang92 said...

Hopefully, and this is just my opinion, there isn't a release date. That way there isn't any pressure for the authors to push the content out... While the audience can be blissfully ignorant of any setbacks that occur. It's a win-win scenario. Plus, whenever the content does it the public, the suprise will have enough shock and awe to amaze the fans. I just hope for more outflow of information on progress like this recent post. It makes us feel involved!

Anonymous said...

You may have answered this in a previous update, so apologies if this has already been answered, but are you guys still doing episodic releases or is it just going to be one release?

Kris said...

As it stands at the moment, there'll be one initial release with 'planned' future quest add-ons. All will be revealed in due course :)

Kitsudragon said...

I'm wondering, how upgradeable are the interior rooms? The previous TARDIS was extremely cool, but I found myself modding the mod, as it were, because I found a few little details that I wanted to have that weren't there, like adding part of someone else's Enclave base mod so I could have an actual armory, or stuff like that.

Although the Doctor isn't the type to have an active armory in his TARDIS, the Courier could probably benefit from one. I'm thinking of an awesome mod I have whose name escapes me, but adds a hidden complex under the Hoover Dam lake, with living quarters, scripted food and drinks sorting machines, and a really nice medical section and armory.

About the only hard part about that mod, is having to trek all over Vegas looking for the keys to open the main door, and of course, swimming out to the door. (Because I like that mod so much I want it pretty much at the start, requiring me to swim across Cazador and Mirelurk infested waters to reach the front door when I'm still level 5. :) )