1.01 Available

101 Endorsements, number 2 at File of the Month...

We're so proud of what we've achieved. Smug modes well and truly engaged.

In addition to the main mod files, you can get the latest patch (details below) over at the Nexus site (see the Downloads link).

Version 1.01 - 30/4/13

    - Added "P" menu to destinations
    - Sonic and Laser screwdrivers can no longer be modded
    - The Flux Capacitor doesn't glitch and slow things down (permenantly) when breaking
    - Sonic and Laser screwdrivers can be smuggled into casinos
    - Sonic and Laser screwdrivers no longer crash when used on a door that loads a new cell

Spyduck and I set in concrete last night the foundations for Wave 2, which we'll be officially announcing in tease capacity this coming weekend...

bon soir!



An Avid Fan. said...

Didn't expect a patch this soon, thanks and well done.

Rotten Apple said...

Hey Kris I noticed a slight texture bug near the Matt smith interior tardis doors. Right above the doors that lead outside if you look up you will see a white texture. Can you fix this? It ruins the effect sometimes xD

TardisBlue said...

you mean that texture with gallifreyan symbols? I thought it was pretty cool :)

Dionysus said...

Managed to get the mod working as well now, and what a stupid thing it was for me. FOMM didn't show the .esm file, only the .esp one, and tired as I was I didn't realize that.

Anyway, the mod is really great so far, it's an incredble enchancement to the regular game.

However, one little nitpick. My Tardis is often colored in a messy purple, sometimes just the door part that opens when you enter. I guess this is related to that one older post about the graphical glitch. And I'm not a fan of changing system settings just for something like that.

Still I'm having fun with it.

Rotten Apple said...

@TardisBlue Yeah those, I just think they are out of place... It really bothers me for some reason xD

Anonymous said...

Demeggy ? r u gonna add some extra stuff to piloting experiences ?

Eg: The Random events ( Time Ram, Critical engine phase, Critical timing malfuntion ???)

The fluid links ?.

Also i have an idea for a quest :D

If you want to hear it Email dpprime@hotmail.com

Thanks, Great job by the way <3 :D


Callum Slater said...

@Dionysus just disable and enable the outside with the console. Or turn off anti-anilizing.

Anonymous said...

There'll be a lot of additional feature features coming with Waves 2 and 3, more on these soon.


Anonymous said...

Molto bene!