The Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, 9 Bugs and a cup of PG Tips

As I sit here drinking my tea and working through my share of the bug fixing for Wave One, I'm doing so with clenched buttocks.

Specifically because of tonight's episode, an episode I've dreamt of since Rose Tyler set foot inside the TARDIS back in 2005.

Tonight, BBC One debuts Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS; an episode simply put, that I cannot contain my excitement for.

Poor Mrs Demeggy, she's endured it all this week. My assumptions, my guesses, the sheer build up to what is potentially my dream episode.

So, I wanted to throw up a quick foreword before the episode. As a one off, I'll be tossing up a review of sorts of the episode after its aired (avoid if your stateside), but before that, I wanted to clarify something.

Journey will showcase the ships interior, parts we've never seen before. Now it's just our luck that our creative talents have gone into creating what we believed the TARDIS interiro to look like. I'm already assuming from the trailers seen so far that the corridors in The Doctor's Wife have had a revamp, so that already outdates Who Vegas, but, none the less, I feel there's going to be a massive amount of differences between the mod, and the show.

There'll be no plans to immediately integrate anything seen in Journey to the mod at this stage. Wave One is finished, bar fixing and patching, so any additional content may come later, if I feel upto it.

So, the mod. Where are we?

Well, we've pretty muchy reduced our working time on it to weekends soully as both Spyduck and I run pretty hectic jobs. Coupled with the fact we're on opposite sides of the Atlantic and only catch up via Skype, it's a tricky working relationship to cater around that old Timey Wimey timezone; but we're getting there.

There's a list of bugs delivered to us by the thorough and extremely experienced tester, GreatIllMotives (Matt Giles), who hasn't only had to endure broken TARDIS buttons and levers off late, but also my foul moodswings. What can I say? Modding IS a commitment and a job.

So we have 9 major tasks to get completed before I'm happy. Spyduck's his usual perfectionist self, wants assets to be at their best, and I'm just desperate to get the blody thing out of here so we can start working on improving Regeneration.

And as for the trolls, nothing I can nor will say is going to change your cowardice.

I welcome criticism, albeit sometimes in the past have taken it too personally, but I'm a man in his late twneties who once had a passion for game design and development, and now all he wants to do is deliver on a promise he made to a small group of followers two years ago, that has blossomed into quite a following.

So, to fans old and new; you will have your TARDIS; even if it kills me.

Enjoy Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS



Liam said...

If I liked Shakespeare, I would say you are the next generation of him with these powerful words. But alas, English lessons in school have deprived me of any care for his existence. Anyway I'm rambling, I'm very excited for this mod Kris/Chris/Demmeggy/Doctor/Awesome/Modder. I remember back in the day, being too excited over blazing my way through LCoG, and what an experience that was. I can tell already that the experience from this mod will be tenfold of that in LCoG, to which I cannot contain my excitement. Have a cup of tea for me, and make sure to put your feet up and just relax with the Mrs for tonight's episode.

Anonymous said...

Jack Wanner said...

You have me both curious, and somewhat anxious, just to wait and see Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS now too. Well, at least more so than usual. Lol, tuche friend. Make sure to make today at least a small adventure.

Anonymous said...


An Avid Fan. said...

Indeed Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS does look great, and its good to know how far along the mod has come, your dedication to Fallout Who really is remarkable, so many mod ideas start of as dedicated as yours but most if after 1 year nothing is out yet they usually give up, so well done and thank you. Enjoy the episode.

Dracony said...

Sadly I can't watch this episode live how much I would even want to... I love the TARDIS itself and I love knowing stuff about it, I currently know all the controls just in my memory. So it would probably be one of my top 10 episodes, however I can't watch it because I don't live in the UK or America, but I have pre-ordered the season to watch in the end of next month. :3

DoctorWhose said...

I feel really bad for you that you are burned out on your passion just because of this mod. :(

Dracony said...

Maybe you could post a video of you flying the TARDIS somewhere, to give some guys more patience?