Fan Mods - FWV 1.0

Morning all,

Some of you have taken it upon yourselves to add tweaks and features to the mods.

This is great, and I wholly commend it, glad that I can inspire you to get into or carry on with your modding.

But a couple of quick things you must bear in mind;

  • Please do NOT distribute the mod. Not only does it violate the hard work Spyduck and I have put in, it will hold us responsible for glitches or bugs not present in the 'true' version of Fallout Who Vegas
  • Please bear in mind that any changes you make will clash with upcoming Patch fixes and Wave releases. We have a LOT of content planned for the TARDIS; new controls, new areas, new features
If you have a suggestion, by all means, fire it our way. We give credit to all used suggestions, and have already welcomed aboard a good few ideas and assets to the development of the mod.

Keep it up, share it with the community, but just be mindful for us and our hardwork please,

Demeggy & Spyduck


Chris Griffin said...

well said guys.

MR ME said...

will you guys be introducing us to the new version of the tardis ???i really don't mind though :) because i love the detail you put in with both control room themes :)

Anicarth said...

you guys had done a wonderful job. i for one would pay dlc price for what you have completed already. anyone else agree?

Raverbane said...

I was thinking about this very thing this morning. Just an idea. After you get all the waves out and bugs squished. Perhaps maybe putting out a some kinda tutorial about how to add TARDIS landing locations to the mod.

That way. If other folks want to do mods to incorporate the various DLC and things like TTW. They can do the work and you fellas can kick back and relax without folks clamoring you for 'more, more, more!'

Kitsudragon said...

Actually, while I've considered adding a room or two, I've held off until I've seen what the final looks like. After all, you might add what I was thinking of anyway!

That said, what about adding a door which will never be added to in any release of the TARDIS? That way, anyone who wants to add to it can just append their work beyond that door, and none of it matters for your build?

ChrisR said...

hey Demeggy & Spyduck i dont know if its just me but the stabilizer is not in its proper place it kinda off.

Anonymous said...

So, mods are being made for THIS mod? I haven't found any..

DoctorWhose said...

Well there is the NEW TARDIS console room *shameless selfpromotion*

Anonymous said...

here the work of the new console room

MassRelay Normandy said...

And DoctorWhose The Console Room Is Fantastic Work
Cant Wait To See It In Wave 3 (: