What's coming up...

After all,

as promised, a small update to let you know where we stand at this moment in time.

Wave Updates:

Wave 2: Regeneration
Wave 2.5: Companions
Wave 3: Creature Feature

As you're aware, Regeneration and the inherent perks of becoming a Time Lord feature heavily in Wave 2, with an interest quest featuring the beginning of the end of your character's Whovian adventure in a small, teasing quest leading into some climactic events in Wave 3.
Wave 2.5 introduces a blossoming and complexed development within the mod, one I had never intend until development begun; Companions. You'll be able to sweep up NPC's from the Wasteland and take them on adventures, building Relationships and developing specialised Skillsets to ensure they become a valued member of the TARDIS.
And finally, Wave 3 is to be a quest heavy introduction to the multitude of Who creatures we have ready to roll out, from Autons to Weeping Angels, featuring new locations to explore and rounding the Courier's Fallout Who story off with a very exciting ending that I hope we can pull off as professionally looking as possible.

As my time is very short, I'll be throwing these out at sporadic dates over the coming months, so keep tuned,



Raverbane said...

Sounds fantastic!

MassRelay Normandy said...

When Is The 2013 Tardis Console Coming To FallOutWho

Experimantal Brony said...

I guess since the last event, wave 2 that was suposed to be out during june will be delayed

Kris said...

2013 is something Im not working on, and is beind developed by fans of the mod. It'll be patched in whenever they're done with it if we have time, but right now, we're focussing on Wave 2, 2.5 and 3.

I'm aiming to get this done as quickly as possible, as I don't foresee much time for this in the near future and will have to reluctantly hang up my cowboy hat.

Experimantal Brony said...

Well, do as you all can, the important is the quality, not the speed or the quantity :) (even if in this kind of mod, the quantity is good too XD)

Tuomas Salonsaari said...

sounds fantastic can't wait

Anonymous said...

I'm pumped!=D