Sept 19

This week, I've taken a bit of break (predominantly so that I can hotrod my way around San Andreas in GTAV; wonderful game, but off-topic...).

So where are we? Well at this moment in time, Spyduck is working on fixing the Vanishing TARDIS error that plagued the initial release, and will begin implementing the classical control room.

The Silurian quest was just about wrapped up, requires a little dialogue scripting and some tiny navmesh issues, but is otherwise as 'sound as a pound'.

Having made a start on the custom maps for the next Quest, I can honestly say it is a real challenge. Currently trying to implement a realistic feeling interior and exterior setting, both in the same cell. Challenging, but full of fun.

Will keep you all updated as per usual.



Jack Wanner said...

Thank you, really thanks for work and for the updates!

An Avid Fan. said...

You and your team are truly inspiring and you play as much GTA as you want I believe its one of a British Citizens rights I think its next to a cup of tea. Seriously though Thank you and you have done/are doing great work.