Sept 3

Bit of a quicky in updates for you today;

This week I'll finish off some of the main quests, whilst Spyduck works on the assets. We both have to admit we're struggling to find motivation, but it isn't hard when I think towards the 50th Anniversary.

As soon as the quests are in, I'll continue working on the Companion system, whilst Spyduck works on implementing the Classic Control room (which at the moment has hit a bit of a brick wall).

More updates in the coming days.



Archer said...

Hi Gents,

I hope you find the motivation you (and we!) want. Personally speaking, I love what you have done with this mod. You have created something I play almost daily since its initial release. Being able to wander around (and properly fly) the TARDIS makes my Whovian heart soar, and it's all thanks to you guys. You've brought to life in a game something I've always dreamed about. It's amazing to me still that such a quality mod is a free release by only a few people involved.

I hope you are able to finish everything you want. I admit, I'm really looking forward to the TARDIS console room alternate themes, not only the Classic, but the Eighth Doctor's (if that is still on the cards? The teaser image looked outstanding). The current console room mod from other modders looks brilliant as well. I also can't wait to try out the quest proper, along with the companion updates.

So yeah. This was just a long rambling message to say thank you. You have my sincere appreciation.

An Avid Fan. said...

I hope you find your motivation, but just know you have my undying gratitude for the astounding work you have already done, and the work you are doing.

Cookiemorph said...

I am also struggling to find motivation. It sucks especially because i have motivation in my creativity on a different game. I don't know why, just happened.

Kris said...

Just the way it is Cookie. Don't give up, a lot of people want to see your Desktop in the final release.

The Sainted Physician said...

We all lose our motivation from time to time, when I do I just go back to the source material that inspired me to begin with, in your case Doctor Who.

Anonymous said...

Cookiemorph look at how munch people are checking On You Probaord Everyday
Heck I Do It Everyday When I Come Home From Secondary School

dillon foran said...

Same here

TheHalbain needs a blogspot account said...

Same as well

spoyducks, mr. frodo said...

Archer guy: the Eighth's is still planned, but I've done less with it because there are like... no floor plans (for the room itself.) anywhere that I can find. So unless/until I find that it's going to have to be a lot of guesswork.

Cookie: that's normal, for me, anyway. I usually mod Fallout but I've made a few Skyrim things when I'm more in the mood for that... working with different settings can sometimes help.

Anyway. I have trouble finding inspiration for DW-related... anything, while DW isn't being aired. There's no trailer for the 50th out either yet (well, publicly), combined with the problem of being sort of dual-minded and half the time I'm more artistic, while the other half I just code. Right now I've been in the latter mindset, but thanks to my schedule I've been unable to do too much with that for this mod (Demeggy's been working on most of that lately, so... I don't know what needs done now, as far as it goes.)