Oct 23

Just a quick update to let you know what's going on. Since the weekend, I've been working on the treatment for the next quest, currently WIP Title of Upgrades. I stress, this is a WIP Title, as it will not end up being called that, but there we go.
 I've still got a fair amoutn of post-production to do with A Haunting in Time, not to mention bugfixing and possibly rewriting Fallout Who & the Lizardmen, but whilst creativity smothers me in droves, I may aswell progress and come back to any trouble spots later.

Upgrades should in essence be a fairly simple quest to get nailed down. The narrative is a delight, and I'll be firing the details over to GreatIllMotives in the next day so he can begin working on a script for specific dialogue sequences.

The itinerary is very flaky at the moment, but we'll try and keep you up to date.

Ignore the horrendous blog layout for now, I'm still not happy with it.



Jack Wanner said...

I'm really stoked about not only the frequent updates, but also the direction and sounds of the updates seem to be taking. Thank You!

Connor Masters said...

Sounds awesome, and if you need a voice actor, I think I'd be available. but if not, eh it doesn't matter, this is going to be AWESOME

Raverbane said...

Sounds great!

Kris said...

Connor, you got any previous experience?

Connor Masters said...

Yeah, I've made several of my own films (although the majority are in french) and currently I am working with a friend to develop a lego doctor who series: here is the trailer, I play 'The Doctor'

Connor Masters said...

unfortunately my editing skills were a little 'choppy' and apologise for that having an impact on the video, if you are interested in having me on board, fantastic, I'll give you my email and other means to contact me