*Updated* Feb 04

A bonkers couple of weeks all in all. TardisBlue has been VERY busy getting the outfits and textures finished, and is working a very special project that will be unveiled in the coming fortnight.

Spyduck has rewritten the flight code, so it's now a lot more intuitive and simplistic; and autopilot's now available from the offset!
I've spent the past 24 hours finishing off the Time Lord race, with some very, VERY interesting dynamics to the way you'll play as your chosen class of Gallifreyan.

We don't have much more to get sorted now before I'm content to re-release the mod. At the weekend, I'll be recording a special preview video with a close friend of mine from work who happens to run his own Youtube gaming channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/GamerMasterHellish)

The video will preview some of the new mechanics, a lot on the regeneration ability, and a general amount of tease for the mod to start building anticipation.

So hold in there, because we're nearly done.

EDIT: On a sidenote, it's come to my attention that there's been some particularly aggressive 'poaching' of team members over at the forums. Now I endorse community modding and feel privileged to be inspiring a new gen of modders out there to introduce Who to a new medium, BUT, I draw the line at abusive PM's. If anything, aggressive tactics will only spur us on to produce a mod of such high calibre that it would be a struggle to compete. So please, rather than bombard me with abuse, assist and work with us to make FWV a much better mod than we can even imagine.



RedBird138 said...

Great to here! Looking forward to the video :D

Anonymous said...

great news man! been following this since the initial Fallout 3 mod release, and its cool to see the finished mod just on the horizon.

Sarthacus Bolt (Felix Mackle) said...

Oh man, this will be awesome.
Although, I'm not sure if you've already fixed this or not, but on the show the Doctor always slams down the space/time throttle to activate the dematerialisation process... I was just wondering, will you slightly alter the control scheme to make the controls more true to the show?
Thanks for reading, and best of luck in completing the mod!

Archer said...

Great news, thanks for the update. I'm so looking forward to this, I can't even describe it.

That said, as excited as I am - and believe me, I definitely am - it weirdly feels a little sad. I've been following the progress of the mod for so long, it almost feels like an end of an era that its almost done (in its current form, anyway, especially with Demeggy's real life priorities understandably becoming first). I know I've said it before, but thanks for all your hard work, Demeggy.

jeff kase said...

so excited for the mod. the abusive posts have to stop or they will never see the mod and if they think that being a dick to the community that goes to making it then they are complete dumb asses. but other than that cant wait

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being here and devoting such time to your fans, they will no doubt, immortalise you and will ever be happy to hear from you. Thank you Demeggy, enjoy your final run

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to perform an emergency landing whilst in randomised flight?

Darian Stephens said...

Wow, I was not expecting a post like this, at least this soon.
This news may have caused me to be the most excited I've been for a mod since, well, ever!

xg42 said...

The "re-release" of the mod... Does that include all quests and monsters as well as regeneration and so on

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea,

Like in the TARDIS mod for oblivion, you could sometimes have random disasters like crash landings or dimensional problems. They could require fixing by making certain items or pulling certain levers.