Datastore issues...

Short of pulling out my hair, I'm hitting the hay for the night. I managed to get the first Datastore fully implemented, with all 18 main locations seto so they can be stored in the Primary Datastore.
I tried replicating this with a second datastore, all setup to run from the same control via a series of menus, and I'm not having much joy. There's a lot of initialization errors, menu's not resetting to their appropriate index variable and the likes.

Otherwise, the Primary Datastore works like a dream. I have to sleep on it and try to work out what the problem could be. If this looks like it'll become too time consuming, I may have to just create 3 activator controls for each Datastore, something I wasn't keen on aesthetics wise.
We'll see tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the TARDIS landed in Seward Square tonight, and I couldn't resist a screeny.

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Cambragol said...

Using activators sounds like a nice choice/option. Most TARDIS functions seem to be handled by levers/switches/buttons rather than screens and menus. So an activator option couldn't be all that bad. Though, I guess the actual nuts and bolts implementation might get messy?