Co-ordinate Datastores - Another Mode implemented successfully

Last night, I covered a major step-through for the mod. The 4th and final Mode, which is currently nameless, acts as a way of storing specific locations to 3 Datastores (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) within the TARDIS navigations menu.
This removes the need to randomly travel to locations, but also forces the player to choose carefully which locations they want to save.

The general long winded, but slightly clever way of getting around this went as follows;

3 entities; 1 Terminal, 1 Message Box and 1 Activator all running in conjunction with one another.

1) Player activates button which brings up Message Box. Button has script attached which later will be used to set a

2) The Message Box checks a condition to identify which door is active at present, then displays ONLY the option to save that location to the datastore (i.e. if xtdoorUNIT.getDisable == 0 - show Button '1')

3) Pressing Button '1' int he above example then sets a Global var known as tardisdstore1 to '1' (a unique identifier number represents each door; UNIT = 1, Arefu = 2 etc).

4) On the Terminal, menu choices are Representative ONLY if their conditions are equal to the tardisdstore1 variable. I.e. "Set Co-ordinates: UNIT" must have a condition of tardisdstore = 1.

The player can then select this menu choice from the Datastore 1 Option and thus set specific co-ordinates instead of using the randomiser. Long winded, but clever.

I managed to get the first 10 major locations set up for this last night, but came to a hitch when the Message Box option parameters reached their max (you can only set 10 buttons per message).

I'm thinking of tackling this 2 ways:

1) either set the final button to display another message box, something I'd need to look into.


2) Have a 'Rescan' option on the console, say a secondary Coordinate Programming activator panel that would cater for the second lot of major locations.

This evening I'll progress with sorting the final set of major locations for datastoring, as well as implementing the Secondary and Tertiary stores.

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