Glitches Resolved

Made a breakthrough this evening with the assistance of WillieSea (many many thanks to the kind chap) over at the G.E.C.K Forums.

Turns out I'd been setting the wrong bloody type of variable... stupid schoolboy error.

I've also incorporated the big bad of the mod tonight: death.

The TARDIS is the most advanced ship in the Universe, and because of that, flying it won't always be easy. My plan is at current to set it so that if the shields ever fall below 0, the TARDIS will simply explode. Harsh I know, but then you should really have set her down somewhere quiet and gone into Emergency Power Mode whilst her shields repair.

Slight bug occured a moment ago when I was demo'ing this to my housemate. I think I'd placed the if statement for the shield checking in a continuous loop, and even though the TARDIS was landed and out of danger, sure enough, I was pottering around below deck when there was a brilliant white light, the most almighty explosion and my poor old player died. Never Mind.

Will continue tomorrow.

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