2 Reasons

2 reasons for posting this update;

Firstly, I'm at work and don't want to forget to remind myself to do this.

Secondly, the reminder.

I tried amending the script for the timer last night after posting and by changing the timer variable to a float, it didn't shift, so I'll be reverting to using the global variable as an alternative for the time being.

I also need to apply to the destruction script to an object so that it's constantly running in-game mode. That's all hypothetical. Semantics wise, we're looking at;

If shields are less than Zero

Effects and Sounds etc


Simples. So tonight, I need to finish off all the scripting and try to implement at least one more random encounter for Flight Mode, as-well as a good encounter. There needs to be a reward for all that travel in some form or other.

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