Lifestyle Regeneration, The End of the Universe and all that...

Well it's been a week since an update, and I promised some results.

Unfortunately, I have to apologise and say once again, sorry, but nothing's surfaced so far.

Fear not; the mod is not dead!

A week ago today, I had an interview for a ruddy good job at work. Last Thursday, that position was offered to me, and I accepted. This means normal hours, a WAY better salary AND a company phone. I won't go into specifics, but let's just say my title's gone from 'Support Technician' to 'Accounts Manager', and leave it there... Smug.

Anyhow, cheers for all the support as aforementioned. Back to tasks.

I've got 2 days off this week before starting my new position on Thursday, so I'll endeavour to get some positive rolled out and updated for your very own eyes.

This things spent nearly 18 months consuming me and I intend to get it public very, very soon.

I take it you all watched the Big Bang? For our friends across the pond, in the wise words of Miss River Song, "No Spoilers...". Let's just say though, epic.

Right, to categorise the series of updates you'll be seen over the next 72 hours, we have...:

  • Flight Mode - need to tweak the Vortex engine and work out why the timer isn't running
  • Meshing - finish off the collision models and try like a diva to get the time rotor animated
I'll update accordingly, oh, the only other thing I need to tweak is the Datastore. There's a tiny glitch I need to work on, but that's down to the fact when I wrote the scripts, it was half 2 in the morning and I was buzzing on caffeine.

I'm giving myself 4 weeks to get this completed. There, I've gone and said it.

No pressure.



Liam said...

Big Bang was awesome, and well done on the new job.
Lastly, 4 weeks, 4 weeks is my birthday :D, I'd love to see it out that week.
Good Luck!

TimeLord75 said...

I am LOVING Steven Moffet's (sp?) writing, SO much better than RTD's. Pandorica/Big Bang is probably the best storyarc I've seen since...probably since "Trial of the Time Lord". And congrats on the new job--rock on, man! :D