New Dog, Old Tricks

Fallout 3. Nothing ever changes.

Trying to pull apart the script for 'Flight Mode' this morning to ascertain why exactly it's so insistent on not running. I think I know why, but my dilemna is now how to find an alternate route for it.

I could always remove it completely as it is time consuming, but on the flipside, it's an integral part of the mod and removing it is being defeatist.

I'll have a bit of a fiddle and if it becomes any more complicated than first thought, I may have to re-strategize.

This is just getting silly now.


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TimeLord75 said...

Condolences, man. Wish I knew anything about scripting, I'd offer to help. Instead, all I've got is words of encouragement on a blog post. (*sigh*) Is it something that works only intermittently? I only ask 'cuz it seemed to work just fine on your demo video. of luck, man.