Exterminirem! Exterminirem!

Well this afternoon I've polished off some of the extra facets of the game, and had a nice outcome.

Below, you can find the experimental recovered Dalek Technology, found in the Weapons Division of UNIT's deserted Osterhagen Facility.

The gun is slightly buggy at current, for some reason not always generating the negative trademark Dalek deathray effect, but it's something I'm working on.

I've also decided that as soon as I have released the mod, I'll take a bit of a breather, then pick up with one short update release at a time to include the expansion packs.

Anyway, enjoy;



Anonymous said...

Hi,Im presuming the tardis only lands at set co ordinates-not anywhere,although im not to sure,does anyone know?

Chris said...


the TARDIS currently lands at around 17 locations, which can be saved to a datastore.
The ship travels by randomiser, meaning it can land at any one of these currently set 17 locations, however a further 50 are currently being implemented (these cannot be saved) to add a little variety to the co-orinate dynamics.

Hope this answers your question.

Anonymous said...


16 days to go :D