The Mod & Beyond + Tiny & Final Update of the evening [with pics]

Evening all,

final update of the evening as I must hit the hay,

just tested the mod from scratch to finish (see below insight via chat form) and can say I'm very happy with the way this has turned out. Very, very happy.

Cacalinker says:
just tested my mod out, dead chuffed. I completed the quest, found the last metebelian crystal, got the sonic screwdriver, took off, landed, did a bit of exploring, came back to the TARDIS, entered the time vortex, grinded my piloting skill up to level 3, the TARDIS ran out of artron energy and almost exploded, so I landed it at the rift, refuelled, took off again, landed... ...decided she was flying too slowly so I jettisoned the work shop and hey presto, only 2 minor bugs. everything ticked over nicely.

See the below pics with ref to the above Testplay.

Action shot from within - 'Piloting the TARDIS'

Taking a pit stop at the Rift to fuel up - 'Refuelling at the Rift'

As for after the mod, this evening it struck me that I really would like the TARDIS to go beyond the Wasteland, and have reluctantly decided that after release, I'll work on adding the expansion pack destinations to its core. I won't be including Anchorage, as it's a pile of rubbish (sorry lovers), so the TARDIS will be visiting Point Lookout (yay!), the locations of Broken Steel (woo?), The Pitt (yay!), and will also expand to the possibility of a space walk around Zeta (hmmm...).

There may even be a small bonus location completely unrelated to anything seen before... we'll see...

Anyway, peace out.

Remember, 2 days, big treat.


TimeLord75 said... there something wrong w/my PC? 'Cuz the countdown timer says there's 380+ days 'til release...

Chris said...

Very possibly, you could try emptying your browser cache and reloading the page or hitting ctrl + F5?

If anyone else would like to confirm it, mine has the correct countdown on there.


Stevie said...

mine say 380+ days aswell